How other People See GAETSS Founder David Wortley

“David Wortley’s pioneering work at the Serious Games Institute (SGI) has been an inspiration and a model for every professional person in the field. Every one of us are indebted to David for his strategic vision and his energetic commitment. Thank you Sir!”

Brendan Harkin


X-Media Lab


“Seldom I have met such a special person like David: an absolutely visionary leader, extremely full of energy and enthusiasm, a nice and reliable friend and incredible fun to be with!”

Lucia Pannese



David Wortley is the type of person who by strength of character and grace of personality remains with you long after an evening filled with raconteuring delight. His technological prowess combined with his exquisite sensitivities to human needs for community enables him to creatively entertain cutting edge societal issues.  His intellectual vistas provide a tremendous benefit in assisting others with envisioning processes and future trends that confound most of us.  He possess leadership qualities that allow him to nurture the best from others and generate results greater than the parts.  Having worked with this gentlemen in far corners around the world, I believe him to truly be a global thinker and worldly humanitarian with keen business sensibilities.  It is always worth my time to listen to what David Wortley has to say.” 

Dr Tim Foresman


International Centre for Remote Sensing Education


“In my professional life, I like being in contact with people who are agreeable and trustable, who are talented and inspiring, who work hard and are however reactive, who have ethical values, who have a sense of humour and are always ready to enjoy a peaceful and friendly moment. Such people are quite rare. David is one of them.”

Roger Torrenti




"I've known David every since the start of the Serious Games Institute and he's been a tireless promoter of the value of serious games and virtual worlds. David has a long understanding of this industry, and connections to all the key players. David has made a positive contribution to the growth of Daden, helping us to secure early projects in the region, and helping to spread our name through across the globe."

David Burden


Daden Ltd



“David Wortley is a visionary and inspirational leader in the field of digital technology and media, with a specialism in serious games and virtual world. He has supported industrial developments in the UK, introducing new technologies that have benefited UK industry. His work internationally and in the European context have been ground breaking and he continues to provide excellent technology forecasting and business mentoring on a high level. His work setting up the UK Serious Games Institute is a considerable achievement bringing business and applied research together David has left a significant legacy for the University of Coventry and UK serious games sector.”

Professor Sara De Freitas

Research Director

Serious Games Institute



“Your lecture "Immersive Technologies and the Future of Learning and Development" on 29th October 2010 - indeed was excellently prepared, interesting, thought provoking and changing the understanding for what purposes those new technologies (video games, virtual worlds, social networks) can be seriously used. “

Dr. Saulius Maskeliunas

Vice Director
, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics



“As a senior member of the International Society for Digital Earth (the alliance of space scientists that's supporting Buckminster Fuller's World Game vision), David has been very helpful in galvanising its support for the d_city global technology network that's emerging to accelerate climate change solutions in response to the Copenhagen Accord”

Davina Jackson

Catalyst Director


“I have known David through the SGI for some time and have always been impressed by his diligence and creative style, the international seminars attended have been lively, interesting and very informative, packed with leading edge technology and innovation.  I have also been inspired by his knowledge and enthusiasm, especially in the area of e-learning, which is advancing apace in many directions.”

Barry Maurer

Simulation Consultant


Qatar / UK

“At a time organizations of all kinds have to cultivate talents for innovation, too many worship the High Tech Golden calf. The magic source is not there but in the spirit, vision and energy of people. David is one of these rare men who can make them flourish.”

Michel Menou

Visiting Professor



“During our global due diligence in choosing the right technology partner for a new generation of Supply Chain Serious Games, David Wortley gave us very precise, objective and insightful advice. I was impressed by David’s depth and breadth of knowledge; David is definitely an authority on serious games!”

Oliver Brusle



France / UK

“When we started working 2 years ago on promoting the serious games in Bulgaria (within the European project LUDUS), this was rather a tabula rasa for the Bulgarian society. With David Wortley on board during our information events we succeeded in showing what the serious games are, their learning impact and usefulness for the society now and in the new future. David contributed very much to the opening of a new niche of reflection, which we appreciated a lot. We wish David every success in his new challenges.”

Martin Stoianov


Bulgarian Industry Association



“David has been a true inspiration to me in the fields of serious games and virtual worlds. He is my go to person for practical insights, ideas and inspiration in these emerging areas and is constantly pushing the boundaries of my thinking and understanding. He's always been fantastic to work with - professional, timely and to the point.”

Rohit Talwar


Fast Future Research



"David Wortley was an inspiration to work with. He added energy and cool thinking in our team when we organised an international conference for De Montfort University. He was extremely versatile and positive co worker."

Lala Meredith Vula


De Montfort University



“I worked with David at Coventry University  during his time at the Serious Games Institute.  He was always up for finding new ways of collaborating and has a genuine interest in creative practice and the arts.”

Christine Hamilton


Institute of Creative Enterprise



“I knew about serious games before knowing David, but I really felt how it was important for our social life after having discussions with him about it. In some way, I can say that I really discovered serious games thanks to him.”

Jean Sequiera

Professeur des Universites

Marseille University



Awaiting Photo

“David Wortley is an informative and entertaining speaking on training techologies and initiatives including serious games. It is largely due to his efforts, enthusiam and drive that the Serious Games Institute has become so well established. “

Richard Curtis


Andrich International Ltd



“David greatest strength is his ability to be an excellent active listener and help you navigate solutions that will engage students in a deeper and more meaningful way”

Richard DeLorenzo


Re-Inventing Schools Coalition


"The European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL) has chosen David Wortley to take part in an expert panel discussion on Game based Learning at the Online Educa 2010. David is one of few thought-leaders worldwide who combines deep understanding on the subject of Serious Games with the ability to transmit his passion remarkably to the audience. The collaboration has been fully satisfying in any term. We are looking forward to working together with David Wortley also in the future."

Rolf Reinhardt
Executive Manager


Your work in developing the Serious Games Institute has established a global beacon and centre of excellence that industry and government across the globe aspire to replicate.”

Stephen Hignell





“Thanks a lot David. You inspired me and some of my colleagues working in higher education. The work done in 3 years is astonishing : it's almost impossible to work legitimately at a European scale on Serious Game without counting on the SGI.”

Julien Llanas

Program Manager

Academie de Creteil


"David was always extremely supportive of 3D immersive collaboration and learning, even when the practitioners were still in early and pioneering state. His deep insights and innovative mindset, coupled with his sense of humor and energy, made it a real pleasure working with him."

Claus Nehmzow


3D Avatar School Ltd

Hong Kong

“I was introduced to David in 2007 and he invited us, The Walk In Web, to become involved as a business partner of the Serious Games Institute. David’s recognition of the potential of virtual worlds and how they could be used to benefit business and education was extremely reassuring to us in a time where many hadn’t really got it yet. He helped us become involved in new markets in the UK and overseas and remained very supportive at a time which was very challenging for us. David was an amazing ambassador for the Serious Games Institute, spreading the word around the world, not only benefiting the Serious Games Institute itself but giving opportunities for the associated businesses to make contact with people who also recognised the same possibilities. Through David, we had the chance to ‘preach to the converted’ at a time when most people would look at you as if you had gone mad as soon as you started talking about virtual worlds.”

Paul Turner


The Walk in Web



“David has been my friend and business partner for 7 years now. I know him as a generous person and great professional in his area. David has been a member of the program committee and consultant for elearnExpo Moscow from its first year in 2004. He not only helped us with the program structure but also made fantastic presentations and workshops which attracted lots of people. He is a brilliant speaker with the great knowledge of the subject (perfect presenter and brilliant speaker).  I am very happy to work with him and have him as a friend.”

Alla Khaikina

Conference Organiser



‘David is a visionary with a strong appreciation of the transformative impact of emerging technologies across policy areas, the research community, private and public sectors.   He is a highly effective presenter sharing deep insights in highly engaging ways with a wide range of international audiences.”

Mervyn Levin


Levering Ltd

Thailand / UK

“David has always been a leading proponent of brain-computer interface uses and was instrumental in helping us to spread this vision throughout the European Community during the early phases of the industry.  We wish him nothing but success in his new pursuits.”

Greg Hyver

VP Business Development

BCInet Inc


“Since 2003 I have shared platforms with David at many conference in far-flung places, most notably for three consecutive years at Moscow’s eLearn Expo. He has a tremendous warmth about him which instantly wins the attention and respect of any audience, even through the vagaries of translation. His style is self-effacing, yet confident, and his presentations come alive with personal anecdotes, humour and simple commonsense guidance and observation.

He is one of the few international speakers I have heard who genuinely fulfil what I believe is the most important goal: giving attendees ideas and practical techniques to take back to their own organisations. An unflappable, inspirational speaker who I’m proud to have as a very good friend too.”

Tim Neill





“David Wortley executed so many projects directed to near and/or rather far future. In my opinion, his creative work is underestimated and will be better justified in future. Here people from 3 universities in Bulgaria are very impressed by his lectures and call 'welcome again.”

Vladimir Jotsov

Head of Department

Institute of Information Technology



Awaiting Photo

“I have known David Wortley for a number of years.  He is a kind, caring, responsible, and very talented and knowledgeable person.  Also he is an Advisory Council Member for Ansted University, where I serve as Scientific Board President.  David Wortley is qualified in many areas, so I recommend him for a variety of positions.”

Dr Dana M Barry

Senior Technical Writer

Clarkson University


Awaiting Photo

"I was impressed by David's positive attitude to life.  He inspired me on further research. You can model yourself on him in aim finding. I think that the diversity of ideas has to hold sway against one-dimensional values such as money and consumerism. I hope that my colleagues at Vilnius University have benefitted from David's efforts, too. He contributed significantly on us with an initiative to come to Vilnius."

Vytautas Cyras

Associate Professor

Vilnius University



As the Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at Coventry University, David Wortley has translated my personal credo “If you want to change the future, play it first!” into a tangible vehicle for making better futures at a global level.

Whilst several organizations were still articulating their Serious Games aspirations, acting their way into a new way of thinking, David had already put a stake in the ground by “thinking” Serious Games into a new way of acting.

Taking the belief that play speaks to that part of us "which is a gift, and not an acquisition” literally, David has opened new pathways of the possible, in realms of our public debate we rarely give games credit for affecting, exerting more and more his powerful influence to make games which challenge us to play at building a better future.

Working with academics, regional development agencies and major market players, David has made SGI the cradle for Serious Games and Immersive Learning Environments and an engine for innovation and European Union economic regeneration.”

Eliane Alhadeff


Future Making Serious Games

Brazil / USA

“I worked with David when he first came in as Director of the Serious Games Institute. Taking on a completely new project and idea, he quickly set the profile of the new Institute, both nationally and internationally, as a centre of excellence for the emerging serious games arena. He has been a great champion and advocate for the uses of innovative technology in all sorts of sectors and applications.”

Henry Jerwood


HJ Sales Training and Business Development Services



“David has the rare ability to see projects from a commercial, educational and personal perspective. He recognises the personal pressures on people involved in the gaming world, particularly when education is involved, and is therefore realistic about the commercial risks and gains. He understands small business needs and is generous with his help and support.

His advice, based on real experience, is therefore invaluable. I have also found his considerable networking skills and willingness to put like-minded people together very useful. It’s only by combining talents that we can make a difference.”

Donna Burton-Wilcock


immersive education



It comes as no surprise that David has testimonials as found here. He is an extraordinary human being; there is no profit in repeating that which is on such high display here.

All that I can add is that in my work to lead an event called Global Learn Day which brought  together luminaries in education and innovation from all 24 time zones. The short of it is that David's portrait is in our own Hall of Fame.  The long of it is that I will never forget my time with David as his house guest in Harborough, boggled by the easy connection he made to Thomas Cook; then blessed by his enormous contributions during our annual "Voyages" around the planet.

But my last thought, I contend, is the most important.

David and I  are both rooted in the conviction that the road to a safer, saner planet will be both powered and paved by those of "our" cast of mind. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones are all well and good.  But without good captains, good navigators and good crew, of what value is a clipper ship? Or that matter a 747?

John Hibbs


Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education

Sand Diego


Awaiting Picture

"As a publisher of several worldwide publications with a vast interest in serious gaming, David has written and produced excellent and very imformative articles which have been of immense interest to our readership on a worldwide basis.  David is most defnitely an authority within this emerging subject and it has been a real pleasure to have worked with him over the past couple of years."

Sarah Barclay

Managing Editor

Barclay Media



“David has been a fantastic guide to all things of the 'digital tomorrow' for

roll7 and RollingSound. We were introduced to Neurosky in its infancy and thanks to his support have now become the world's leading developer for commercial BCI applications. We will continue to look to David for insight in new technology developments, educational projects and partnerships. His networking abilities across sectors, disciplines and borders are second to none, long may this continue...”

Simon Bennett





“When we wanted to invest in some fun but challenging engineering games for our website, the advice that David Wortley gave proved invaluable.

Through the guidance David provided, the project was completed to our complete satisfaction on time and on budget.

The results may be viewed at

Dr Andrew Cave

Chief Executive

The Smallpeice Trust

Leamington Spa


“David has been and will continue to be an inspirational entrepreneur, speaker and leader. I could go on as he’s transfixed audiences around the world with thought provoking products and idea, but at the end of the day he’s a great man to work with……….I’m sure you’ll all agree.”

Brian More

Director of IP Services




“Although we just briefly met about a year ago at a workshop you held in Romania, I owe you an important change in my life regarding my perception about virtual games and its positive impact on our lives. I’m still not an active person in the virtual reality, but I started to think more and more about applying these innovations in other areas, like HR, where our company is providing a large palette of services.”

Marilena Petrec


APT Services and Resources